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If it is unsustainable, it is not development.

The Innovation Centre for Sustainable Development is the ARPA Group Foundation.

Following this premise, we collect the innovative ideas generated in business and society.

Thanks to our experience we implement projects together with strategic organizations that analyze, validate, and distribute our projects.

In addition, we also offer training on how to implement and maintain these projects.

In CIDS We work directly on 5 of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.

SDG what we work on 

In the CIDS we work directly on 5 of the United Nation Sustainable Development Goals

Goal 2 Promote sustainable agriculture

We promote the creation of organic and sustainable farming, implement atmospheric water generators and improve the efficiency of irrigation systems in agriculture.

Goal 7 Affordable and clean energy

We develop projects based on the use of renewable energies that guarantee an affordable and sustainable access for everybody.

Goal 17 Global partnership for sustainable development

We build partnerships with any kind of international and multilateral organizations to achieve these goals.

Goal 6 Clean water and sanitation

We suggest solutions for improving the sanitation networks in areas without resources.

Goal 11 Sustainable cities and communities

We design totally sustainable decent housing programs.

With these goals achieved, we also work on another 4:


Good health and well-being

Quality education

Gender equality

Poverty eradication




W.A.S.H Project at San José del Playón School, Colombia. In collaboration WITH HELP IN ACTION (Spanish NGO) and SOLIDARITY DEVELOPMENT CORPORATION (local NGO)

The school of San José de Playón, in the María La Baja region, Colombia, does not have access to drinkable water and sanitation. In collaboration with Ayuda en Acción and the local NGO Corporación para la Desarrollo Solidario, we are developing a project that exponentially improves the quality of life of the 968 students enrolled in the center.

The role of the CIDS in this project is to carry out the viability study, design the project and provide the perfect solution so that the children of the school as well as the teachers can drink water, go to the bathroom and shower, since in most of houses there’s no water.

CIDS will donate innovative, robust, sustainable, easy-to-maintain and easy-to-use solutions that provide basic but long-lasting service to the members of the school. With the collaboration of AeA and CDS the sustainability of the project will be guaranteed, the association will be trained to maintain the equipment.


Projects for rural repopulation through B-RUTAL

In ARPA we support the development of rural areas through sponsorship with projects such as B-RUTAL

This initiative was carried out by 2 young Aragonese people and has objectives closely linked to the SDGs and the 2030 Agenda:Promote the growth and development of the technology sector in rural areas. With the aim of creating a new and prosperous sector that revitalizes rural areas.

To be the seed of the technology sector in the rural world, laying the foundations and the way forward for its development.

Promote business and social projects that integrate and promote the technological sector in the rural world.

Create a movement that relies on technology to combat depopulation.

Change the vision that large corporations, entrepreneurs and the technology sector have of the rural world. Making them see the opportunities it presents for them in terms of creativity and talent retention.

Join forces and collaborate with other entities that share our values ​​to promote together a technological movement in rural areas.

For more info about this project:


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